Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Summit 2014!

You are engaged in a battle. Ideas come at you from every direction, and few know how to make sense of the world. Few know how to think Christianly. Few know what they believe; and fewer still, why they believe it. Equip yourself. Learn to equip others. Summit’s Student Worldview Conferences are intensive two-week retreats designed to teach students (ages 16-22) how to analyze the various ideas that are currently competing for their hearts and minds. Each summer, nine two-week conferences are held in Colorado, Tennessee, and California.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Women's History Month

March is Women’s History Month. To honor this, the Baltimore Christianity Column will be featuring the profiles of talented and accomplished women in the field of Christian Apologetics all month. These are trained, professional, and accomplished women who champion Christianity through their expertise in fields such as philosophy, history, and science.
Be sure to check out all the profiles of women in apologetics in this series.  Joel Furches continues to provide a comprehensive list producing an easily accessible database of speakers and writers.  If you represent a church, ministry, school, university, college, etc., contact one of these women and allow them to equip you in the area of apologetics.  

“I realized that if I had doubts about belief in God then other people in the church most likely had doubts as well. Therefore, I began to teach a class in my church on apologetics. This is how my interest in apologetics began.”
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Monday, February 17, 2014

New Bible Study Resource!

Resilient Faith
by Mary Jo Sharp

For so many Christians in the American culture, faith is an easy thing. They go to church, they read the Bible, and they love Jesus. But what happens when their comfortable world is turned upside down? For too many people, their faith is shaken. Faith in Christ can-and should-be constant, because Christ, the One in whom we place our faith, is constant. We all face-or will face-difficult times when we need to stand firm in our Christ-centered faith. The Book of 1 Peter offers the needed understanding of what a resilient faith looks like and how we can stand strong regardless of what comes at us. Ideal for small groups.