Thursday, January 24, 2013

Is The Story of Christ a Copy of the Pagan Myths?


damian ferr said...

excellent video, very clear and full of information

Anonymous said...

This information is important to be passed on these days! Thanks

Jason Ray said...

Great job MaryJo!

Jason Ray said...

Great job MaryJo!

Anonymous said...

Trying to make the New Testament a myth, based on myths, is not easy. The Jesus Myth Theorists are exceptional. They excel in this undertaking. Like no other band of zealots in history, they proudly feature absolute silliness and laughable, fictitious nonsense to rip Christianity. They have no shame and express not a hint of embarrassment. Just the opposite. They enjoy throwing slop around. Why, you wonder?

Not quite as hysterical, but close, we see real scholars follow them like groupies, frantically refuting their every jot and tittle, as if they pose a real danger.

I hate to say this. (Hate even more that it is true.) Some Christians feel defensive about their credentials as intellectual, scholarly apologists. After all, GOD hasn't chosen many rich in the assets of this world to plead his case. Rather, he specializes in the foolish and base things to confound the wise. To prove the intellectual soundness of our faith, we go toe-to-toe with just about anyone who throws a challenge our way, even Jesus myth theorists who possess absolutely no foundation in fact.

Giving this loony fringe the time of day thrills them. They must be on to something, they think, to stir the Christian nest. Proving their nonsense is nonsense is preposterous and encourages more nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary Jo

The NT Superhero Jesus character is definitely a fictional character…I mean are we supposed to believe that right now there is, somewhere on earth or in the cosmos, a fishing-eating 2,000 year old ancient man with stab wounds in his hands, feet, and side? And he has superhero powers?

Hmmm, and he’s supposed to come back ‘surfing’ the clouds? Or on a flying ‘police’ horse?

Mary Jo, do you seriously call this real stuff and not stuff of legend?

Brett Strong…the next wave is here and I am He…disarming Christian Apologists with utter ease…

Hey, Mary Jo, would love to debate you on the NT Jesus, that he has to be fiction …shoot me an e-mail if you’re game…anyways, have a great day and may your Jesus faith serve you well…later

Anonymous said...

The measure of the reality of Jesus Christ isn't what happened 2000 years ago, but what is happening today in the lives of millions of believers. I am a recovered "30 year- skid row- 5th per day alcoholic" that has found freedom in Christ I never had before. God, through Christ is my life support, plain and simple.

No serious historian argues against the existence of Jesus Christ. He simply left too big of a footprint in history to be ignored. What can be debated is who he was, what he taught, and whether or not those teachings are true. It is my belief in review of the evidence from then, and the evidence in my own life today, that He was God come in flesh, who dwelt among us to teach us, who died to redeem us, who rose to validate the previous two, and who lives now to minister to us until He comes again to take us into the eternity He has prepared for us.

Melissa Deming said...

Thanks Mary Jo - loved this! So helpful to encourage us to really dig into the stories themselves and get the information first-hand. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Of course each parable, including the Christ myth, is not exactly alike. However, it's obvious to the non Christian that they are ALL versions of the same myth translated and spread among different cultures and nations and decades. It's the Jesus story that doesn't exactly match the previous myths since your Jesus story came later.
And you Christians who don't even use a bible that's not been edited by GOVERNMENTS really confound me. IF you really wanted to understand even your own religion, you'd start your education by studying the Jewish text first. Instead, you take the word of an earthly king who edited the bible to suit his own needs, not just once, but at least twice.
All man has always looked for justice in an unjust world. All man has always craved meaning for this life. I strongly disagree that Christians don't manipulate god to suit their need to control the masses.
It's been a collaborative effort between wealthy world leaders who had the resources to hire scribes to write the stories you base your faith on, and religion. Christianity is the same as all state religions. The difference is that, like all Abrahamic religions, you learned that proselytizing expands your inherited religion beyond borders.
IF you really honestly CARED to prove to yourself your religion is man made, you would dissect key cultural similarities supported in your bible that are also supported in every religion known to man. For example, I sat down and looked up every single verse in your bible regarding women. Women of virtue and so called wicked women and mans view of women and her place in the old and new testaments. There is no difference in Christianity and any other religion of it's time,in women's value. It's because religion reflects MANS view, not a GOD view. Religion is a brilliant form of social design used by world leaders to quell the misery of the human condition. It's no more based on fact than a pacifier used to distract a baby.
You can not threaten a citizen or a slave with fear of death, if life is so miserable that death would be a release. However, curse them to eternal damnation and misery for all eternity, and you can get them to submit for a time, while you promise them a reward in an afterlife. Now their meaningless suffering is an investment in the future. VERY smart. I commend your preachers for spotting the perfect confidence scam.