Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sarah Pierce on “Why Do You Believe That?”

From LifeWay Women All Access Blog:

Today, we have a guest post from Sarah Pierce, a chemistry professor from a liberal arts college in Nashville, Tennessee. Her women’s small group decided to learn about apologetics this past fall and picked up Mary Jo Sharp’s, Why Do You Believe That?  She shared a story with us about a student hanging out in her office, asking questions about God.  Sarah says, “My university is not religiously affiliated, which means it attracts many faculty members who want to teach at a small school, but are not Christians.  Many times students come to my office saying “XYZ Professor said this about Christianity. What do you think?”.  I never felt like I was confident enough in my answers or knew the “right” thing to say.  Your study has already helped with some of these issues.”  Click here to read more:  Sarah Pierce on “Why Do You Believe That?”


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simplystacy said...

Thank you Mary Jo for writing a book that can be used in real life. Why stuff our heads with more knowledge and never use it? May God continue to bless your ministry!